Projects supported by the FEE Foundation

The primary purpose of the FEE is financial support for students in difficulty, in scholarship aid (placement of children in nursery, purchase of essential equipment for studies, participation in the costs of study trips, etc.), but it also funds projects more widely, to the entire student community.

Bike Center and Architecture Contest

The Point Vélo (Bike Center) is a great success. It offers great rates to all cyclists of the campus for bike repairs, the purchaising of safety gear ans bikes which have been recycled.

Because of the infrastructure was in a bad state, FEE financed an architecture competition for a new Point Vélo. This idea, which was organised by the Laboratory of Architecture and Sustainable Technologies (LAST) attracted more then thirty student teams. The winning project is now a reality, since the new Bike Center has been officially launched on April 20th.

The FEE conrtibuted CHF 100’000 to the construction of this new site.

Road Awareness Campaign

Wether we be pedestrians, cyclists or motorists, we are all campus users.

To make sure that we all can get well with each other, the FEE, in partnership with the Sustainable Team of EPFL ans external partners, have funded an awareness campaign  -“Cohabitons“- which attracted a great deal interest in 2015. In view of the increasing campus population, we will repeat this campain in 2016 – and then again for as long as we need to do so!

Point Santé

InfirmerieThe Point Santé (Point Health), which is the result of a collaboration between the DSPS (Domaine Sécurité, Prévention et Santé) of the EPFL and the PMU (Polyclinique Médicale Medical Universitaire), opened its doors to the 2011-2012 academic intake. Since then, it has welcomed students and collaborators every day. Until 2014, this service was half-funded by the FEE.

Poséidon – laptops at preferential rates


Achat d'ordinateursThe Foundation guarantees interest-free loans to students wishing to buy a laptop in the framework of the Poséidon programme. This was made possible in partnership with Crédit Suisse.


Les Estudiantines Student Halls

Logements pour étudiantsThe Foundation secured funding of CHF 800’000 for the furniture of the Les Estudiantines halls of residence. These buildings located south-west of the Rolex Learning Center and connected to the EPFL campus via an underground passage, offer rooms, studios and flats for rent. EPFL students will be given preference.

In addition, the Foundation has agreed to pay the deposit for students who move into Les Estudiantines, which will save them from paying up to 3 months’ rent in advance.
The Foundation has thus blocked assets of CHF 600,000 to honour this commitment.

In the same spirit and together with the Université de Lausanne, the Foundation helped finance the furniture of the Quartier Nord-Atrium Accomodation, to the tune of CHF 250’000.-

The FEE, which is part of in The Housing Office of the EPFL, is guarantor for the rental of short terms accomodation (rooms) in a building of the FSLE (Fondation Solidarité Logements pour les Etudiant-e-s), as well as for the rental of studios to PhD students.

Campus Roule


The campus is not just a place for study and work: it allows students to relax in a place of outstanding beauty.

The FEE has financed the installation of electric barbecues that can be booked with the Camipro Card.

These grills are located eat of the Rolex Learning Center and in the Quartier Nord. We have created a similar infrastructure for the people who work in Microcity (NE).